Check out this performance on America’s Got Talent of a 10-year-old girl singing ‘House of the Rising Sun’ by The Animals. It will leave you speechless, just like it left the judges!

Anna Christine is a talented 10-year-old from Nevada who sings and plays the piano. Before her AGT audition, she shares that she is quite nervous to go out and perform on stage.

“I am feeling pretty nervous. I’m kind of getting really overwhelmed,” Anna Christine says. “I’m kind of shaky talking right now because anything could happen.”

She goes on to share about her piano and how important it is to her. “I spend so much time with my piano, and I just feel like I can go there if I’m sad or if I’m worried about something,” she says.

Thankfully, Anna Christine has her mom with her at the audition to support her and try to calm any of her nerves. “My biggest supporter is probably my mom,” says Anna Christine. “Like my piano, she’s always been there, and she always will be. And I don’t have to worry about anything as long as I’m with her.”

As Anna Christine makes her way out onto the stage, her mother is watching from the side and looks so proud of her daughter.

And when Anna Christine opens her mouth to sing ‘House of the Rising Sun,’ she stuns everyone! Her voice is so amazing, as well as so strong and mature sounding. And the vibrato that she has in her voice is incredible. On top of all that, Anna Christine also shows everyone how wonderful she is at playing the piano!

Despite being nervous at first, Anna Christine displayed such confidence and bravery as she performed on a stage in front of thousands of people. And she even got a standing ovation when she finished her audition! What a talented young girl!