By the time I was 13, I had done absolutely nothing with my life.13-year-old Jack Rico, on the other hand, just graduated from California’s Fullerton College with four associate’s degrees.You read that correctly.In fact, Jack became the youngest Fullerton College graduate ever. In celebration, friends and family threw him a special commencement ceremony.
Graduating with four degrees at such a young age isn’t easy by an means. His success is built on the back of hard work and dedication. Jack explains,“You never just know everything. You have to study day and night.”Wise words. And that’s coming from a 13-year-old.Jack poses for a photo, featuring a blue graduation cap and yellow tassel.
A sign behind him reeds “Youngest Graduate Ever.”

Class of 2020, welcome your youngest graduate.
Is he wearing a Hawaiian lei? The kid’s got some style. Some flare, too.
Friends and family throw him a special, socially distant graduation commencement. Some spectators are wearing masks, while others stay in their cars on the street nearest the makeshift commencement stage.
They’re so proud.
Jack’s grandparents were also in attendance. His Grammy’s sign reads,

“Congratulations to our grandson Jack. Grammy and Papa are so proud of you.”

As assurance, the presiding graduation official states,

“We checked in admissions and records. It has never been done before.”

It’s official.
Safeguarded by a face mask and shrouded in red garb, he presents Jack with a certificate.

Jack doesn’t look too shabby himself.
They proceed to pose for a photo. Their garb looks so ornate.
Aside from taking place in the worst global pandemic in 100 years, the graduation was pretty normal, featuring socially distant versions of all the normal traditions.

This includes the ceremonial cap toss – an absolute necessity.

Did you know that some universities have removed the cap toss from their graduation commencement ceremonies?

Immediate family and friends pose with Jack for a memorable photo.

They’re all smiles.
So where is Jack headed? What’s his academic and career path from here on out?

Well, he wants to spend some time exploring options and developing a passion. For now, he’s set on screenwriting, jokingly stating in an interview,
“Wanna go out to dinner, Steven Spielberg? Alright. You wanna pick up Michael Bay on the way? You know, like that’d be pretty cool.”

Maybe he’ll be directing blockbuster flicks one day.

Not that it’s a competition, but very, very few have accomplished what Jack has at such a young age. Most 13-year-olds are still adjusting to adolescence, while some are simply struggling to survive their school social circles.

But Jack’s not a regular kid. Inside Edition adds additional context and more details about his life,

“Jack Rico, 13, is the youngest student ever to graduate from Fullerton College with four associate degrees, according to the school. The teenager from La Mirada, California accomplished such a feat in two years. Rico’s mom started homeschooling him in the third grade because he needed more of a challenge. To celebrate his graduation, friends and family threw him a party in the front yard. Next fall, Rico will continue his education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.”

So he’ll be a 14-year-old attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas next year? I wonder how many degrees he’ll have by the time he hangs up the tassels for good.

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