Before he was ‘Sir’ Tom Jones, the legendary soul singer graced the stage of ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ at the tender age of 25, amazing the audience with his singing and dancing.

Once the peppy melody starts, a lot of female and male dancers run out onto stage boxes of various levels spread across the ‘Sullivan’ stage. The young ladies are wearing dresses, and the men are in tuxedos.

Electric energy is in the air as Tom Jones snaps his fingers fiercely. He is wearing a dark suit with a white shirt with a popped neckline, and his shirt is sufficiently open to show a touch of chest too.

His long streaming dark hair covers his neck and streams over his suit coat. His long sideburns add more style to Tom’s appearance and sex request. Tom sings the verses, ‘Whatcha going to do when your baby leaves.’

Halfway through the melody, the dancers circle up around Tom, and he makes a few cool 60s dance moves. He is snapping and thrashing his arms with total surrender, and his hips are moving as well!

Tom Jones has had a lifelong that traverses many years, and everything started with a line of top-ten hits during the 1960s. He’s sold north of 100 million records and scored 36 Top 40 hits in the U.K. furthermore, 19 in the United States.

Tom’s different hits incorporate, ‘What’s going on Pussycat?’ and ‘It’s Not Unusual.’ This exhibition on ‘Sullivan’ of Tom’s hit ‘Whatcha’ Gonna Do?’ makes the group go off the deep end and further cements him as a bonafide worldwide star.