Tears were running down a 4-year-old’s face after she rushed out of a McDonald’s bathroom, much to her mother’s h….. Then, her mom saw something on her little girl’s leg, making the entire ordeal even worse.

Kaya Langmead was visiting a McDonald’s over lunchtime on a Thursday afternoon when her mom, Nicole, decided to let the 4-year-old little girl venture into the bathroom alone. “We was at McDonald’s and mom let me go to the toilet like a big girl,” Kaya recalled. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a good experience for the growing girl.

Believing Kaya was old enough to go to the bathroom without her, Nicole decided to wait patiently outside the restroom. But just before Kaya entered, Nicole saw two teenage girls leaving the facilities, laughing. Only later would she realize that their giggles were an ominous sign of things to come when her daughter returned from using the toilet in complete agony.

“These two girls came out of the bathroom laughing,” Nicole recalled. “They were probably in their early teens. I didn’t think too much of it and Kaya went into the toilet,” she said. When Kaya reemerged from the restroom, however, it was obvious something had gone wrong while she was inside. “A short while later she came out in tears,” Nicole explained.

Crying, the 4-year-old rushed out of the bathroom and into her mother’s arms. As tears ran down her little face, Kaya told her mom that something had h….urt her b….. Nicole took a look at her daughter’s backside and discovered the skin had been r…. from her legs, leaving her red and raw. Then, Kaya explained to her mom that she had become “stuck” to the seat and had to rip herself from it.

“I was completely shocked and I then checked Kaya over to see how badly she had been marked,” Nicole said. “My daughter was left in tears and the skin was r… off the back of her legs,” she explained. “She came out in tears and told me that she had become stuck to the seat,” Nicole added. “Kaya said something had h… her bum, but it never crossed my mind it would be glue.” That’s exactly what the mom found, however, when she went into the restroom to investigate.

“I thought maybe the seat had moved or something, but when we checked it over there was glue everywhere,” Nicole said. The two giggling teens, who had left the bathroom laughing, had put superglue on the toilet seat at McDonald’s in some kind of sadistic prank. Of course, no one else found it funny, especially not Nicole or Kaya, who had a painful reminder of what had happened after her skin was torn from her little body. It took five days for the glue left on Kaya’s skin to come off, but she still remained red, raw, and emotionally scarred.