Soldiers are people who leave their lives behind for quite some time, and spend years helping the country and making sure that our rights and freedoms will be protected.People who serve in the military, whether they are on the land or in the sea- aka navy members- dedicate part of their lives to protecting the country and, therefore, those living in it.

That’s why we should be thankful and also teach our children that they need to be proud of our soldiers and treat them with great respect when they see them.That’s what Joe and Priscilla Vega have always told their children. They have explained that soldiers sacrifice part of their lives in order to keep the country safe, and that this is the reason why everyone should be proud of them and thankful to them.

“I said that real superheroes put their lives on the line for total strangers,” Joe Vega told Yahoo Lifestyle. “They’re willing to live thousands of miles away in the desert or on the sea without seeing their loved ones for a long time.”

Only a few years ago, a member of the Vega family became popular when he did something special.

In 2019, Jace, one of the three children of the Vega family, was in the airport with his mother waiting for his father, who had flown to Colorado Springs for work.

Priscilla Vega, who was waiting for her husband along with her son, at some point noticed that Jace was doing something special.
The boy saw some military members passing by him, and he thought it was a good idea to salute them. This is the only thing he could do in order to thank them and show them how proud he was of them.

His mother, without him knowing it, took a picture of him and posted it on her social media.

“Captured this beautiful pic of Jace at the airport saluting our young military men and women as they walked by while waiting for my husband,” she wrote.

Soon, the photo went viral and it was shared by news sources as well.

People couldn’t stop commenting on the boy’s sweet character and saying how happy they were that the parents have been teaching their children to respect our soldiers.

“As an Army Mom, I am so grateful to this precious boy and his wonderful parents! Thank you, Priscilla, Joe and Jace,” someone wrote, while someone else commented: “Kudos to this young American and his family that taught him great values!”

As the parents explained, they like to visit military museums and, in fact, Jace has shared that he’d like to join the military one day. Who knows, he may do it in the future.

“The photo shows innocence,” Vega told Yahoo Lifestyle. “He paid tribute to our country the only way he knew how.”