A little girl with kidney cancer is fighting her battle with a spirit of strength and courage. 6-year-old Anya Ottley is brave enough to show up her determination to beat the illness by singing and acting the popular “Fight Song”.

Anya was diagnosed with kidney cancer on November 2017. From then on, the little girl was under constant medical treatment and undergone almost 28 grueling rounds of intensive chemotherapy! She also had a surgery on the tumor and had her left kidney removed! Even after going through all these hurdles in life, she still loves to sing and entertain everyone around! So when her treatments started, her mother, Kathryn promised her a ring- the-bell party when she get better and told her she could sing at it.

“Anya asked me what the song should be and we thought about ‘Fight Song’, which fits really well.” Kathryn said..

And the little girl, who loves to do dancing and singing was eagerly waiting for that special occasion. And now she got the chance, she is up with all her energy to sing the “fight song”! The adorable video shows the huge Little Mix Fan is performing her song on a wedding event and the whole crowd was moved in tears!

To boost Anya’s spirits while she prepared to undergo multiple rounds of chemotherapy, her mother told her that at the end of her treatments, Anya would have a ‘ring-the-bell’ party to celebrate that she was better. Anya was so excited at the promise of a party and decided that she wanted to sing ‘Fight Song’ at the party.

While attending a wedding, Anya just knew it would be the perfect time to practice the song in front of an audience. And while the “performance” took place several years ago, it’s just as powerful today as it was then.

Anya’s uncle captured the entire beautiful moment on camera, and it’s absolutely inspiring to see. This sweet, brave little girl is belting her heart out, and it’s giving me all the feels.She may be young, but Anya has the strong spirit of someone much older. She has been such an inspiration to those around her throughout her ordeal, and now the whole world is getting to see just what this incredible young girl is made of!

Her family is earnestly praying for her healing and raising money for the Little Princess Trust and Manchester Children’s Hospital. Lets extend our support at Their JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/anyagrace.