Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean were there to show that they still had it years after they retired, even if the concept of skating around the ice sounded like a quick way to get bruises and broken bones to many individuals in their 20s and 30s.

On the ice, where few people would anticipate seeing a 60-year-old couple, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean relished the opportunity to relive their golden years.

Jayne and Christopher won the Olympic gold medal in figure skating over forty years ago, earning twelve flawless points in the process. They still maintain the record for the greatest score among figure skaters.

In the British ice skater program Dancing on Ice, this unexpected performance was shown. The show’s judges, Jayne and Christopher, made the unusual decision to surprise the audience with what may have been their last performance.

Do our bodies reflect those 35 years? Yes! When you become older, things start to go downhill. These days, every time we perform, we worry that it may be our last,” added Christopher. So, it seems like a small bonus every time we skate. That has a lot of sentiment.

Even when you view a recording of the performance, you can still sense the intensity of the couple’s performance even before they begin to skate. The audience cheered as they slid to the middle of the floor.

The years appeared to slip off of their shoulders as they lifted off and sailed over the floor. Yet words fall short of capturing this performance. See what we mean for yourself by watching this enchanted