Dog attacks can lead to fatal results especially when children are involved. 7-year-old Sadie Davila was playing in her own yard when a vicious dog made its way into her home…

7-year-old Sadie Davila was playing in her yard as she did on any other day when a pitbull wandered in. Upon seeing the little girl, the dog immediately started to viciously attack her.

A relative who was nearby tried to stop the attack by grabbing a walking cane and repeatedly hitting the dog with it. Unfortunately, that did not deter the animal from attacking the little girl.

The owner of the dog is 20-year-old Erick Lopez who has now facing negligent homicide charges for failing to restrain his dog which led it to make its way to where Sadie was playing and eventually fatally attacking her.

Sadie was rushed to a hospital where staff reported that the little girl had suffered numerous bites to her face and substantial damage to her skull which eventually led to her death.

Her family is shaken to their core and heartbroken at this sudden and devastating loss. “She was the light in all our lives,” Haley Anselmo, Sadie’s mother said to the media. “She thought more about others’ needs before her own. She had a big imagination and so much spunk. She wanted everyone to be happy,” Anselmo added.

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The staff and students at Sadie’s school are similarly devasted at her loss. Vanessa Bloss, the principal of Woodlawn Elementary, said about the little girl, “From the day that her grandma came to register her, she just had a light inside of her that could not be contained.”

Others have been sharing memories of little Sadie. Sadie’s teacher Gracie Fegucht shared, “In her short 7 years, she did so much and so rather than thinking about the things that she didn’t do, I’m thinking about who she was. I know going into school on Monday there are some things in my perspective that will be shifted in ways that I’m reminded in ways that I want to treat people and my students and other faculty members, my friends and family because of the things that Sadie taught me.”

The pitbull dog that attacked Sadie is in the possession of local authorities as of now. According to further investigation, the dog was not kept confined to the owner’s yard with a fence or gate.

This is such a heartbreaking loss of a young life. We are sending all of Sadie Davila’s family and friends our thoughts and prayers.

Please join us in praying for Sadie Davila and her family.