As they say, the last thing you want to do is underestimate an old person.

Elderly are elderly for a reason.

This means they have the acumen to survive this world for so long.

Two would-be burglars tested their fates when they tried stealing from a church center, only to learn this lesson the hard way.ADVERTISEMENT

The burglars and their attempt were thwarted not by a brawny bystander, or an “able-bodied” witness.

They were stopped in their tracks by an unexpected person

A 76-year-old nun.

So how did a geriatric nun best two robbers and turn the situation around?

Sister Mary Johnice heard strange noises right outside their building. Apparently, two burglars came into the property and set up a ladder against the wall.

The two “knuckleheads” wanted to strip the building of its gutters and downspouts so they could make a quick buck at the scrapyard.

One of the burglars climbed up to the higher level but the other one, for some reason, walked away and left his companion alone.

That’s when Sister Mary came out.

When Sister Mary Johnice went out to check the commotion, she saw a ladder right by the door.

Inside Edition humorously commented that the nun was “struck by Divine Inspiration” when she was thinking about what to do.

She then pushed off the heavy ladder.

Then, she kicked the ladder down.

Luckily, the ladder didn’t hit her on the way down but unluckily for the burglar, he was now left stranded on the higher level.ADVERTISEMENT

The confused burglar became more desperate with each passing second.

For one, the nun had seen what he was doing or, at least, what he was trying to do. And two, he has no means of quick escape.

He then did the only thing he could think of.

He jumped down and bolted.

“So they must have jumped, and that was the end,” the nun recalled to WGRZ, “When I looked up I saw that they were trying to take some of the copper pipes that we had in the downspouts. I was not a very happy person.”

Apparently, they never stood a chance.

Sister Mary Johnice also shared the gutters and downspouts of their building are made of aluminum.

At most, if they succeeded, they could sell it for pennies. That is if they can sell it.

The burglars must’ve watched a lot of TV thinking that convent people are just a bunch of old people who wouldn’t put up a fight.

They are still on the prowl.

The Response to Love Center is now asking for help in identifying the two men.

They pulled up images from their recordings where one of the men’s faces was fully visible.

They forwarded the images to the police but were also welcoming any leads coming from the members of the public.

Sister Mary Johnice can’t help but express her disappointment that someone would steal from the people who dedicated their lives to serving others.ADVERTISEMENT

She’s disappointed but not defeated.

On their website, Response to Love Center’s mission is to give a holistic treatment of poverty by giving loving care to the economically deprived, spiritually poor, emotionally battered, and other people who are hurting.

Watch how a 76-year-old nun turned the tables on two burglars in the video below!