With so many marriages ending in divorce in our society, it’s unusual to see couples that have been together for decades. That’s one of the reasons this couple from Texas really stands apart from the crowd.

John and Charlotte Henderson of Travis County in Texas are preparing to celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary on December 15. But that’s not the only thing that makes them unique.

They also have a combined age of 211. John is 106-years-old and Charlotte is 105-years-old. They’ve been together since the Great Depression and tied the knot in 1939.

The Guinness Book of World Records recently named the couple the “Oldest Living Couple in the World”, a feat reported by CNN and has been celebrated by both John and Charlotte and members of their family and community.

The love birds first met at the University of Texas in 1934, where they both attended classes. John was a football player and Charlotte was studying to become a teacher.

The University of Texas still plays a major role in the lives of this remarkable couple. John attends football games every year, something he’s enjoyed doing for nearly 84 years.

The former guard is officially the oldest living University of Texas football player, something John attributes to staying active.

Although the couple moved to an assisted living facility in 2009, John still works out regularly and does his best to stay fit and healthy. The assisted living facility they reside at, Longhorn Village, even has roots in the University of Texas. The complex is associated with the college’s alumni group.

When asked what the secret is to a long and happy marriage, the proud husband responded, “Live life in moderation and be cordial to your spouse.”

John and Charlotte show no sign of slowing down anytime soon, maintaining active social lives and enjoying their time together. If more couples took John’s advice and were kind to one another, maybe the divorce rate in the United States would decrease.

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