Recently, Miguel Angel Escobar and his family were traveling by boat off the coast of Honduras. Something captured their attention. They spotted a huge sea turtle entrapped in the roots of trees. They thought it was dead and felt sorry for her.

Nevertheless, the turtle was alive. He just lost hope. But hope was about to appear. Although the turtle had obviously been trapped for some time and was probably dead, Escobar decided to get a closer look anyway.

«When I touched her, he instantly sighed and started moving her head,» Escobar said. Using a knife, Escobar began to prune the root holding the turtle in place until it was weak enough to be broken.
After a few moments, he was finally free.

The kind man thought the turtle needed to take a rest on the shore and recover. But he washed up immediately as if somebody was jumping for joy. He got his second chance. After the animal landed on the shore for a moment, it swam away into the water. Escobar suspects that the turtle got trapped after coming ashore to lay eggs, and got tangled in the roots when climbing over the
embankment along the shore. And now that he is free, there will be several more generations of her offspring.