It’s always sad to hear about an animal in dire circumstances.

But thankfully, there are many kind people and organizations in the world helping to save these animals.

Crossfire Equine Rescue is one of these organizations.

This organization saves horses in need.

And one of the horses they saved was a pregnant mare named Fancy.

Meet Fancy.

She was about to be slaughtered for food, but fortunately, she was rescued.

However, she has been scarred by the experience, and Fancy lives in constant fear of humans as a result.

This isn’t even the worst part. Fancy was pregnant through all of this.

When the team at Crossfire Equine Rescue in Texas heard of Fancy’s story, they immediately dropped everything to rescue Fancy from her doom.

Annie Shurtleff and her staff are dedicated to helping horses in need, and Fancy was no different.

However, even after Annie’s team had saved Fancy from the slaughterhouse auction, the horse was terrified of her rescuers.

To pacify Fancy and convince her to trust them, the rescue workers did everything they could to win her trust.

They often slept with her in the barn at night to show how friendly they were.

With time, love, and affection, Fancy began to warm up to the rescuers, and she eventually was able to reveal her loving nature.

Shortly after her rescue, this pregnant horse gave birth to an adorable filly.

The birth was smooth and effortless.

Then, Fancy got to meet her baby for the first time.

Fancy’s reaction to seeing her newborn baby says it all.

It shows just how grateful this horse is to have Crossfire Equine Rescue save her so that she could give birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Fancy and her baby love each other, and they spent tons of time together as the little boy was growing up.

Fancy is a great mom.

It’s been a few years since Fancy gave birth, and she’s doing well.

Both she and her baby have now been adopted out to good homes.

It took a while for Crossfire Equine Rescue to find the right home for Fancy since she was so anxious after all of her tough experiences in life.

But thankfully, she found an owner who was willing to be patient with her.

Now, Fancy is as happy as can be in her new home.

Fancy went through so much in her life, and we’re glad she’s in a great home now where she can relax and enjoy the fresh air without a care in the world.

What a great ending to her story.

Check out a video about Fancy below!

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