Old man in a small house

One of my acquaintances buys cheap and small apartments on credit in different parts of the city, repairs them, and rents them out. He called that day, he says.

– I have a 1-room small apartment, an old man who lives alone has been staying there for 3 years. In the first year, the house rent was paid typically, then it started to be late, in the last year, I spent the rent for two months, but two more months of debt have accumulated, but mine is also with a loan, you know, that day I warned that it would be released at the end of October.

I was in a little hurry, I had to go to a meeting, and I interrupted my acquaintance. “Okay, but why did you call me?” Says a. – To be honest, one day he said in a speech that “my friend’s son has achieved good success, I saw him on TV, I will ask him for a small loan and I will give you your debt” and he gave your name, he added one more thing, can he please you? I know, but I didn’t say it… I stopped talking.

And I thought that was a small problem

Send me the address, let’s meet at the house in the evening. He was my father’s friend, and he had grown up a lot, I brought him to the place with difficulty, he was a rare, if not the only, person who met me after my father’s death, although his condition was not a problem, he told me to contact him when I needed help and one of these days I really applied one day, he gave me $300, one day I wanted to return $100, he got upset, he didn’t take it, then he left Armenia and lost contact…

We went out with my acquaintance, I told the story, and I said: — I will pay the old man’s fee. Says a. – Okay, you paid that $300, the rent for 2 months is 400, but that 100 is nothing. The debt is gone, but there will be another problem in one or the next month… I cut off the conversation very quickly. “You don’t understand, my brother. I will pay for all the months of the old man’s stay, don’t turn to him.” My friend was surprised, he says. – But he only gave $300… I explained. — If you give me even a million now, one percent of that 300 is not worth it, my situation will neither improve nor change from that million and that $300 has solved the problem of bread for my family for months… I wish everyone a weekend full of kindness.