Life can sometimes be so unpredictable and often presents us with completely unexpected surprises. And such an unexpected surprise happened in an African-American family.

Ben and Angela lived in England for a while.Having already had two children, they wanted another child.The youngest child in the family shocked not only parents, but also doctors with her unusual appearance!

In 2010, a girl was born not only with white skin, but also a blonde with cute white curls.

Ben had no doubt about his wife’s loyalty, because if the wife had given birth to a white man, the baby would have been born at least a mulatto.

After tests and studies, doctors reported that the girl had a genetic malfunction, which is the reason for such an atypical skin and hair color for this race. But we are in a hurry to inform you that everything is fine with his health.

Now the girl is 12 years old. She is absolutely healthy and does not differ in any way from her peers in terms of development. The girl’s facial features are very similar to her father.

Her family calls her an angel.