Celebrations with loved ones and classmates are in order after completing a significant academic achievement, such as graduating from high school. Graduation is a time to celebrate the conclusion of many years of hard work; any tears shed should be ones of pride.

Alas, Jeric Rivas couldn’t say the same. Although he would receive his diploma with his classmates, he would again miss out on spending the day with his family. He characterized this as a day of “mixed melancholy and delight.”

Jeric Rivas, a recent La Concepcion College alum from San Jose Del Monte, Philippines, wrote about his big day on social media.

A translation of his message says, “I felt a lot of grief and joy earlier today on my graduation day.” “Depressed because it brings back bad memories from grade school and high school,” the author writes.

Remembering a prize he received in elementary school, Jeric smiled. He intended to have a family member present him with the medal, but no one showed up. That’s why he skipped the award ceremony.

A short time later, he ran into the same problem, but this time he enlisted the help of his friend’s parents. It broke my heart, but he insisted on being acknowledged for his efforts.

Jeric was determined to succeed academically despite his family’s lack of encouragement. He had to leave home and hold down several part-time jobs to pay for his education. He attended La Concepcion College, where he studied criminology despite having to put in more effort than his contemporaries and getting less financial aid.

In the end, Jeric’s graduation day came. Even though today was intended to be a happy one, he found himself in tears since he felt his family had let him down again.

His tears were “simply flowing” as he sat aside. I’m envious of you.

Jeric feared he would be left behind once again as his classmates went across the platform to get their degrees. Before he took the stage, one of his teachers stepped in to help. Jeric earned his graduation with a loved one by his side as they hugged and congratulated one other.

Jeric praised his family, friends, and teachers in a 2019 Facebook post.

It’s important to have a group of people rooting for you, no matter what you’re doing. Jeric was fortunate to locate a network of academically-motivated peers at his school, while his own family showed little interest in his success.