This three-headed kid already had every chance to become a future Eagle.By installing the first ever Syracuse carrier dome, little Drake Grill performed the National Anthem with great love and admiration for its people. He completely memorized the hymn by heart, and, not at all nervous, the musician performed it.

At such an early age, there are even children who really can’t speak properly, and this little singer threatened everyone!Heck, I think I ate dirt when I was three years old. Drake is an impressive and extraordinary little kid who bravely undertook to sing the anthem in front of the crowd and enjoyed every second of his stay in the spotlight.

Such fearless children achieve numerous successes on social platforms. After playing the National Anthem in front of more than six thousand spectators at the Syracuse Carrier Dome, there is little that can shake this three-year-old child. Get ready to overload with attractiveness – Drake Grillo knows how to entertain.