My husband died six years ago, after that incident my son changed a lot. He didn’t come home all day, he was surrounded by bad people, he didn’t listen to me at all. One day he came drunk and demanded money from me. My friends persuaded me to take my son to a psychiatric hospital because something was wrong, but I strongly resisted, I thought his father’s death had a strong effect on him.

One day my son came home drunk at night, we started arguing over his drinking. Then he went into the kitchen took a knife and hit me. I don’t remember anything after that. In the morning I woke up in the hospital.

My son was on trial. He was sentenced to 17 years and five years have already passed.

Yesterday was the first time I had the strength to go to my son. He said to me, “Mom, get me a Bible.” I was shocked.
I got Bible to my son early in the morning, he’s sorry for what he did and regrets it.