Drake Milligan captured the hearts of everyone on America’s Got Talent when he performed his original song ‘Sounds Like Something I’d Do.’ The 23-year-old country singer from Fort Worth, Texas, performed with his band.

Before Milligan’s performance, Terry Crews presented himself. Milligan had an acoustic guitar behind him as he portrayed his time growing up and how he began singing.

His father worked in the scrapyard, and his mother was a veterinarian. When Milligan was seven, he was excited by an Elvis impersonator while they were out eating.

That was when he concluded he needed to be very much like Elvis. Milligan conceded he was anxious around large groups, but his band was with him for help.

He had been watching America’s Got Talent since he was a youngster, and it’s been a fantasy for him to perform on that stage. He left without anyone else, and the judges got to rapidly know him.

Simon Cowell wishes him karma, and Milligan’s band individuals emerge. When they’re prepared, they begin to play the first song. It’s vivacious and fiery, and Milligan’s voice is smooth like Elvis’.

After their performance, they get a heartfelt applause from everyone in the room. Howie Mandell calls Milligan the “New Elvis of Country.” Then every one of the judges vote yes for Milligan and his band.