June Lockhart, an iconic figure in the entertainment industry for nearly eight decades, is set to celebrate her 98th birthday on June 25th this year. Her illustrious career has left a lasting mark on television, with memorable roles in beloved shows like “Lost in Space” and “Lassie,” where she portrayed mothers and earned critical acclaim for her performances.

Lockhart, a third-generation performer, made her early appearance in “A Christmas Carol” with her parents in 1938. This marked the beginning of a career that would become legendary. She often played maternal roles, including Timmy Martin’s mother in the popular show “Lassie,” where her portrayal earned her critical acclaim.

In “Lost in Space,” Lockhart took on the role of Dr. Maureen Robinson, the matriarchal figure responsible for both the family’s nutritional needs and the construction required during their travels. Her on-screen bond with Bill Mumy, who played her television son, was profound, with Mumy revealing that Lockhart carried a picture of an unexpected artist, David Bowie.

Lockhart’s contributions to the entertainment industry earned her not one but two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for her work in motion pictures and the other for her television achievements. In 1960, she was honored with both stars on the same day. Additionally, NASA recognized her exceptional efforts in promoting space exploration with the Exceptional Public Achievement Medal.

Throughout her extensive career, Lockhart appeared in iconic shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “7th Heaven,” and “General Hospital.” She has two daughters, Anne Lockhart and Lizabeth Lockhart, from her marriage to John Maloney, whom she was married to for eight years from 1951 to 1959.

Reflecting on her career, Lockhart humorously recalled her first words spoken in a film, “I know, I know—sausages!” She cherishes the tradition of watching this film with her family each year, now even with her grandchildren.

Although Lockhart has not made any public appearances since 2015, she remains an enduring figure in Hollywood, known for her contributions to the entertainment world. In a 2015 interview, she shared her gratitude for the opportunities that came her way and expressed feeling more youthful than her age, stating, “I used to think 90, gosh, that’s old. But I feel 55. I’m very fortunate to still be active and working.”

The latest available photos of the Hollywood icon are from 2015, when she was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at the Universal Hilton Hotel. Despite the passage of time, Lockhart’s enduring beauty and unblemished reputation have endeared her to generations of fans, cementing her status as a beloved and timeless figure in the world of entertainment.