Ukraine turned US native Karolina Protsenko is a 13-year-old violin prodigy. Coming from a talented musical family, Karolina has taken the social media world by storm through her various busking videos.

Taking street performing to another level, Karolina Protsenko has been highlighted on The Ellen Show. She has amassed a monstrous following across her web-based entertainment profiles. All loaded up with fans who can’t get enough of her unique playing style.

Karolina’s meat and potatoes are taking famous music to an alternate melodic range by making surprising air building numbers that truly change the tracks she chooses to perform.

Karolina Protsenko’s interpretation of the well known Dua Lipa track, “Suspending,” takes the prestigious pop track to another level, changing the brilliantly infectious tune into an organized work of art.

Matched with her young energy, Karolina Protsenko uses an assortment of dance moves to assist with conveying the energy being set free from her own playing to additional grip the consideration of walkers close by.

Her unique play style and dance combination are sufficient to make Karolina Protsenko a wonderful street performer that is certain to give pleasure and dance to the rest of the world. Apparently likewise famous among different kids.

During Karolina Protsenko’s front of “Suspending,” a lovable girl should be visible busting her dance moves close by Karolina’s footwork and playing, making a family-accommodating air pocket that youngsters immediately incline toward.