Remember the great Angela Lansbury as we look back on her iconic performance of “Beauty And The Beast” for the film’s 25th-anniversary celebration.

“Tale as old as time true as it can be
Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly
Just a little change, small to say the least
Both were a little scared, but neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast”

Angela Lansbury provided the iconic voice of Mrs. Potts in the classic Disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ And to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie, she graced the stage once more for a powerful rendition of the theme song. With composer Alan Menken at the piano, this performance is sure to touch your heart.

“Certain as the sun rising in the east
Tale as old as time
The song as old as Rhyme
Beauty and the Beast”

Angela was an award-winning actress and singer. She developed a love for the stage and screen as a very young girl and continued to work until her death at the age of 96. You may remember Angela from her leading role as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote. The series ran for 12 seasons and she received multiple Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

But one of her most legendary roles is of Mrs. Potts and it’s such a pleasure to hear her sing this beloved song once again. At the time of the performance, Angela was 90 years old and she still sounds exactly the same.

This is truly a remarkable woman who will be greatly missed.