Marianna Bowering, a devoted mother and talented makeup artist from Adelaide, Australia, has captivated hearts and minds online because of her commendable approach to raising awareness about port-wine stain birthmarks. In a heartfelt gesture of solidarity and love for her daughter, Angelica, the creative mom used her makeup skills to replicate the child’s birthmarks on her own face to highlight beauty and uniqueness.

Angelica was born on May 6, 2018, with a heart-shaped port-wine stain from her forehead down to her chin. Despite the initial surprise, the mom and her husband, Corey Bowering, saw their daughter’s birthmark as a special addition to her being and celebrated her unique look with unwavering love.

However, not everyone shared their perspective, and the family faced hurtful comments and bullying from strangers. Marianna said that some people described her daughter’s face as “hideous” whenever she shared her photos online. Some commenters even told her that Angelica would likely not get a boyfriend when she’s older because of her “defect.”

A port-wine stain is a type of pink, purple, or reddish birthmark that looks like spilled wine. Over time, however, this birthmark tends to deepen in color; thus, some people take a second look at Angelica and think that her face was “grilled” on. There is no known treatment for this skin condition though a laser procedure may make it less noticeable. The birthmark also doesn’t go away on its own, but this is hardly a bother for many children, especially when it’s on other parts of their body.

Kids with port-wine stains may also be prone to develop glaucoma or a neurological disorder called Sturge-Weber syndrome when they are older. Hence, the Bowering couple has been very careful about Angelica’s regular check-ups to ensure that her health is in top condition.

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Speaking of the experience, Marianna said that the comments and negativity toward her daughter’s face were hurtful and shocking.

“The worst comment online that I’ve gotten is when someone asked if her face had been pushed onto a skillet,” Marianna told Mirror. “Basically, saying her face looked grilled.”

She added, “In person, I think the most hurtful thing was when someone at a soccer game told me that she was a ‘defect.’”

But Marianna refuses to let the negativity define her daughter. The determined mom decided to take a stand against the bullies and raise awareness for port-wine stains.

One day, she drew a heart on her own face as a symbol of support and then meticulously recreated Angelica’s complete port-wine stain using makeup. She shared these photos on her Instagram and various social media groups, where she received a lot of encouragement.

“Your daughter is GORGEOUS!” a commenter on one of Marianna’s posts said. “And the two of you are adorable together. I love how you are embracing her and raising her to be proud and confident!”

The joy in Angelica’s eyes upon seeing her mother’s face painted in solidarity spoke volumes. It reinforced the message that she is perfect just the way she is and that her uniqueness is something to be cherished.

Marianna also revealed that her daughter loves to play with makeup and even likes looking at her face with her unique birthmark. This makes her quite secure in the knowledge that Angelica will grow up to be confident and gorgeous with a great understanding of what it means to be beautiful.

The port-wine stain birthmark will also become a symbol of her resilience and individuality. Angelica will continue to inspire others to embrace their own unique features and celebrate the beauty that lies within.

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