Barbra Streisand recently voiced her support for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who has been criticized by conservatives. Streisand believes these attacks unfairly target Willis by focusing on her personal life.

In a heartfelt post on X, Streisand highlighted the scrutiny Willis faces over her relationship with Nathan Wade, a subordinate prosecutor involved in a 2020 election inquiry in Georgia. Streisand questioned the double standards, pointing out that men are rarely judged for having private lives, while women face harsh criticism for the same.

Streisand expressed frustration, saying, “How silly that the Republicans want to have Fani Willis fired. For what? Thinking a woman can’t have a private life as well as a professional one? Men do it all the time! How ridiculous is this?”

She also criticized former President Trump and his supporters, arguing that the attacks on Willis aim to divert attention from Trump’s alleged efforts to pressure the Secretary of State to alter vote counts and present false electors to Congress.

Streisand’s defense of Willis underscores the broader issue of gender equality and the unique pressures on women in power. It calls for fair treatment in professional fields, reminding us that women deserve the right to maintain personal lives without unjust criticism.