Here’s an incredible story of what a brother’s love could do. Maverick Oyao put his artistic skill to the test to show how much he loves his sister, Lu Asey Keanna. It started when her sister’s school announced they would finally push through with their Junior-Senior (JS) Prom.

However, they were required to wear a ball gown – something Asey feared her parents could not afford. But Maverick didn’t want to see his sister sad. He knew he should do something about it, so he created a ball gown of his own. Though the gown cost less to make, in reality, it was worth so much more than anything any designer shop could give.

With just a few days to work on the dress, Maverick went to the textile store to buy materials. With a meager budget of Php 3,000 (around $62), he got everything he needed and started creating the dress he envisioned.

His inspiration? World-renowned Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco.

“I browsed on YouTube and Google on different types of ball dresses, especially Michael Cinco’s Spring and Summer Collection, and started conceptualizing.”

And so, the creation process begins.

He started by creating patterns and cutting the fabric for the skirt. Then, he made crisscross patterns with white satin ribbon. He also embellished this part with plastic flowers, clear crystal beads, and sequins.

It’s just halfway done, but you can see how beautiful it’s going to be!

He continued with the corset, which he hand-painted ombré blue to fit the dress’s color palette.

It’s starting to look amazing, but Maverick isn’t done yet.

Like Michael Cinco’s work, he added sleeves on the dress, following the same ombré effect of the corset and skirt hemline.

And the result is astonishing!

Asey looked regal in her winter-themed ball gown.

Here’s another look at Asey with her escort. They were such a lovely pair.

Of course, Maverick can’t help but take a photo of his beautiful sister wearing his stunning work.

Even Michael Cinco was impressed!

This work of art is his way of showing support for his sister.

“I’ve done my part very well as your supportive big brother, and I won’t get tired of supporting you. That’s my promise. I hope I made you happy this Valentine’s Day,” he said in his Facebook post dedicated to his sister.

For Maverick, it wasn’t just a ball gown; it was a product of a brother’s love.

Asey would’ve wanted to win the Best Dress during her prom, but for her brother, she’s still a winner; her dress was the best because she’s the one wearing it – and not because he made it.

That’s some flex for sibling love right there!

Today, Maverick is using his talent and creativity to help his family.
He now accepts design and styling projects and does photoshoot sessions as well. His Facebook Page features his latest projects of his clients’ pre-birthday photoshoots. P

Plus, you can see him and his sister enjoying themselves in front of the camera.

Doing what he does best is something that fuels him.