So generous. Kindness shown to complete strangers by chance is not something that happens often. When you do have the chance to observe them, they serve as a helpful reminder that, despite the fact that other people may sometimes let you down, there is still a lot of good in the world. Because of the media and social media, we are exposed to a lot of negative content; thus, we would want to share something positive with you today. A remembrance that there is still the possibility of hope.

This young guy, Carlos HaHa Davis, performs something that will bring a smile to your face in the video that can be seen below. Carlos and his pals are comedians who post humorous videos on social media; nevertheless, despite the fact that Carlos enjoys making others laugh, he is serious about making the world a better place.

Even though he makes a lot of jokes, he really cares about people and wants to help them. In this video, which Carlos then uploaded on his Twitter account, he helps out a woman who has just lost her husband. The video starts and he’s getting out of a vehicle while someone films him with a couple of hundred dollar notes in his hand. He approaches the lady and makes the offer of the money; immediately, she is taken aback and her mouth drops in surprise. She makes an effort to speak, but she is so moved that she is unable to do so since she is fighting back tears at the same time. After a little pause, she reveals, with eyes filled with tears, that her spouse passed away suddenly not long ago. After giving her a hug, Carlos and his buddy embraced her, and Carlos told her, “We have love for you.” She accepts the money and then questions how they were able to determine that she was in need.

Carlos explains that his buddy saw her paying for her gas with pennies, and at that moment, he felt he had to do something to assist her. He asserts that “It is only fair. It is imperative that we remain together. She inquires as to the means by which she might express her gratitude or make restitution to them, but they are careful to point out to her that they are only doing a charitable deed. They inform her that there is no need for her to refund the money. As she wipes her eyes, she mutters, “Thank you very much,” over and over again.

It’s a video that you definitely shouldn’t skip through. It enables you to see that there is still good in the world. We’re inundated with so many depressing videos on social media, so we’re quite thankful that we came across this happy one by accident. The vast majority of individuals do not document their positive actions for fear of receiving criticism; on the other hand, they record all of the negative times; thus, why can’t we share more of these events? We really hope that seeing this movie will motivate you to do something kind for someone else today. Watch the video further down on this page if you are interested in seeing Carlo do an act of kindness.