The Budweiser clydesdales are famous around the world. Nearly everyone knows that they all share the same characteristics and can be seen in some of the most loved Super Bowl commercials of all time.

For most people, the majestic horses are just an icon for a brewing company. However, for one man, these beautiful horses are his passion. John Soto is one of the horse handlers at Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri.

He is in charge of breeding, helping birth, raising, and training some of the world’s most famous horses. The Budweiser clydesdales were brought to fame some 30 years ago and have become part of the celebration for the company.

While we all get a kick out of watching the commercials that they are portrayed in, Soto finds passion in watching them be born, grow, and eventually become one of the beloved giants.

Check out the video below and see more of the story and be sure to share it with your family and friends. If you’ve never seen one of these big guys up close, this is a close second.