It’s now well known that the Kennedys were very popular. However, the fact that Caroline was a former president’s daughter was too much for some.

On the first day of Caroline’s college internship at the New York Daily News, no one spoke to her for two hours. Why? Well, people were intimidated by who her parents were.

At the same time, they had to hire guards to keep the paparazzi away from Caroline while she was working. Though she was a dedicated and talented photographer, she soon realized that it was a job that was impossible for her.

She decided that “she could never make her living observing other people because they were too busy watching her.”

Caroline Kennedy earned her bachelor’s degree in 1988, and went on to work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She also served as president of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial support, creative resources, and staffing to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Caroline also served as a member of the national board of directors for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and as chief executive for the New York City Department of Education Office of Strategic Partnerships, alongside other boards.

Caroline Kennedy celebrates her father’s legacy
Largely, Caroline has tried to stay out of the spotlight, though in 2008 she was rumored to be in the race for Hillary Clinton’s vacant spot in the U.S. Senate. Eventually, however, due to personal reasons, she withdrew her bid.

In October 2013, she was appointed as the new U.S. ambassador to Japan, a position she held until 2017. She was appointed the United States Ambassador to Australia in May 2022.

It’s been many, many years since her father passed away, but Caroline still celebrates the legacy he left for the Kennedy family.

“He is a historical figure,” Caroline told CNN as the day John F. Kennedy would’ve turned 100 approached. “One hundred years is a really long time, but I think his legacy and these values are timeless and they live on.”

“I miss him every day of my life. But, growing up without him was made easier thanks to all of the people who kept him in their hearts,” Caroline added.

As stated, Caroline has endeavored to stay out of the spotlight, and the same goes for her husband. Edwin Schlossberg and Caroline reportedly met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he worked as an interactive media designer.

After meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Caroline and Edwin fell deeply in love. The couple tied the knot on July 19, 1986, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but despite their efforts to avoid publicity, their wedding was widely reported on in the media. More than 2,000 people tried to get a glimpse of the couple at the church.

Schlossberg has served as part of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, after being appointed by former President Barack Obama. He has a Ph.D. in Science and Literature from Columbia University and has written 11 books.

Though Caroline has been the talk of the town for decades, Edwin Schlossberg isn’t interested in being famous.

“Publicity doesn’t interest me,” he once said. “The thing that interests me is work. We’re living in a culture that if you spend a lot of time thinking about what other people think about you, it distracts you from what you care about. I like what I do, and that’s what interests me.”