Imagine yourself sitting on a window sill, drinking your hot coffee or tea, and enjoying the rainy weather.

In the background, “Blue Bayou” is playing, and it brings back so many memories.

No matter how many years or decades have passed, some songs are timeless.
The song “Blue Bayou” is one of them.

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard this song before. After all, it’s a timeless classic that will surely pass on to future generations.
You may have heard it from your grandparents or your parents even.

Maybe, you are even a fan of this beautiful and captivating song.

The Blue Bayou mentioned in the song is a peaceful and relaxing bayou located just outside of New Orleans, in Louisiana.

Come to the Blue Bayou
The song “Blue Bayou” was written by Joe Melson and Roy Orbison.

Orbison was also the original singer of the beautiful song that later became an international hit in 1963.

Blue Bayou is sweet, yet it makes you feel a deep yearning.

It’s a sad song, but it also gives hope that somehow, he would be able to go back to the place where his heart is.

After almost a decade, Linda Ronstadt sang her version of the song.

The signature song of Linda Ronstadt
Ronstadt can sing different genres that include light opera, Latin, rock, and country, but when you hear her name, only one song comes to mind – Blue Bayou.

Her version of “Blue Bayou” was released in 1977, and it immediately climbed up to No. 3 and No. 2 on the music charts.

Ronstadt also got numerous awards and nominations for the said song.

Many other artists tried to sing their version of the lovely ballad, but no one came close to Ronstadt’s version.

In honor of her timeless voice
Sadly, Ronstadt had announced her retirement last 2011. In an interview, she revealed the reason for her early retirement.

Ronstadt said that she would no longer be able to sing due to a condition called progressive supranuclear palsy.

The renowned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or also known as RRHOF featured Ronstadt last 2014.

In the said event, Carrie Underwood, Bonnie Raitt, and Emmylou Harris performed Ronstadt’s signature song, “Blue Bayou.”

RRHOF is also a museum. Aside from documenting the history of rock music, they also pay tribute to artists, songwriters, producers, and all the people that have made contributions to the world of rock music.

In her official Hall of Fame online bio, Ronstadt is described as:

“Sparkling. Rich. Versatile. Linda Ronstadt’s voice was unlike any other.”

The RRHOF induction ceremony started as the three gorgeous ladies came to the stage and started singing “Blue Bayou.”

Emmylou Harris was the first to sing, followed by Bonnie Raitt.

The three ladies joined together as they sang the chorus, and then Carrie Underwood gave the song a powerful ending.

Each singer gave their tribute by incorporating their own style in singing the timeless hit. It was indeed a heartfelt performance.

Check out Ronstadt’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bio here.

Reminisce and enjoy the timeless classic Blue Bayou, as you listen to the RRHF induction ceremony performance below.