One family was in for a surprise of a lifetime when they found out that their family would be growing by 3 identical triplets!

Heather Muscha Metcalf and her husband, Tyler, have two little boys. The couple always wanted a girl, and when Heather got pregnant again, they got their wish! But it wasn’t just one little girl that they would be adding to their family, it would be three! Heather was naturally pregnant with identical triplets!

“We were really hoping for a baby girl, and now we’ve got three!” said Heather.

Triplets only happen once in about every 8,000 pregnancies. And identical triplets are even more uncommon.

“Probably one in 100,000 or even more rare,” said Laura Knutson, Heather’s OB-GYN.

3 Identical Triplets Bless Couple Trying For Just 1 More Child
And with a triplet pregnancy, there can be more risks involved. “With a triplet pregnancy there are higher risk of pretty much any pregnancy complication you can think of. The most concerning is risk of preterm delivery and low birth weights for babies,” explained Laura Knutson.

All three babies also share just one placenta, which is incredibly rare. So Heather has to go to doctor’s appointments each week in order for the babies to be closely monitored.

“She’s having a lot of extra ultrasounds to monitor for that condition, and a lot of visits to keep an eye on her blood pressure and how she’s feeling,” said Laura Knutson.

Thankfully, Heather has said that she feels pretty good and is thrilled to be having her triplet girls.

“I’m really excited because we were, I mean, we’re getting extra. We’re getting a little girl and plus two more!” she said.