At some point, every child had dreamt of going into a toy store and grabbing everything they wanted from the shelves. If kids had the chance to buy every car, action figure, and barbie doll they fancied, they would surely add all those items in their shopping bag!

This six-year-old boy from London named Bailey was in the exact same situation last August. Known for their prank and challenge videos, YouTubers Paul Klein and Paul Wood gave Wood’s son, Bailey, $600. They told him he could use the money to buy everything he wanted from Hamleys, the city’s oldest toy store. It was a dream come true!

As every kid would, Bailey ran inside the store and excitedly browsed the wide selection of toys. He stopped from time to time to add his picks to his shopping bag. But after a while, the boy stopped and began putting all the items back. The two Pauls were dumbfounded, but the boy explained that he had a better idea and went outside.

“I know what I want to spend it on,” Bailey said as he asked them for a portion of the money.

Then, in a totally unexpected turn of events, the youngster approached a homeless man on the street and placed the money into his cup. Shocked at what just happened, the stranger’s face lit up, and he held his hand over his heart in a gesture of gratitude to his donor.

Seeing Bailey’s generosity play out before him, Wood was left speechless. He felt so proud of his boy that he was moved to tears.

But, as it turns out, Bailey wasn’t done. Instead of grabbing another shopping bag and getting back to picking out his toys, he told the two men that he wanted to donate the rest of the budget!

Even at a young age, Bailey understood that other people weren’t as fortunate as him. He wanted to help those in need, and he took this opportunity to do so.

“Lots of people don’t have that much money, so like I just wanna give it away,” he said. “Daddy always buys me toys, and he needed it more than I did.”

What a sweet story! Wood obviously did an excellent job at raising Bailey. The boy knew the value of loving and respecting everyone around him. If there were more people like Bailey, the world would definitely be a better place!

Two weeks ago, the two YouTubers shared the video on their official Facebook page. So far, the clip has been viewed 32 million times! The people who watched it couldn’t help but express their admiration for Bailey and his dad.

“This is the sweetest. So selfless and inspiring. The world could use more young men like Bailey. You can tell he was raised right with love and compassion for others,” said Pamela Wainer.

“Oh my god my heart!! This made me cry you must be so proud of him! I’ve jus had a baby boy & if he turns out as kind hearted as Bailey I’ll be super proud! Bailey such a special boy a true gentleman in the making,” commented Helen Garbett.

“I’m honestly crying. This is absolutely amazing! Just shows that there are people in this world even kids that understand and have such a warm heart to people In need. I bet your a proud father! God bless you guys!” Steph Elliot said.

In the comments, Wood said he’d been trying to “get back to as many comments as possible.” However, he couldn’t because there were too many. He thanked those who watched, commented, and shared the video for their “amazing support and lovely messages.” He said he had shown Bailey a few of the comments, saying that “they mean the world to us all at this end.”

Make sure to grab some tissues before watching Bailey’s act of kindness below. Not everyone will give up the chance of filling up their bag of goodies, but this beautiful child did.