When Gerald McRaney first laid eyes on actress Delta Burke, he felt an immediate desire to ask her out. However, he was keenly aware of the competition, given the numerous suitors vying for her attention.

Recalling the moment he decided to make his move, McRaney emphasized, “I wasn’t going to let her get away. I already had competition. There were people asking her out on dates, and I was going to move in right away.”

The connection between them was instantaneous, and McRaney knew she was the one for him. On their second date, he surprised her by proposing. However, it wasn’t until two years later, in 1989, that the couple officially tied the knot on May 28.

Despite the time gap, McRaney was thrilled to have won the heart of the woman of his dreams. While this marked Burke’s first marriage, McRaney, having been married twice before, was determined to make this union last.

Despite being deeply in love, some of McRaney’s friends expressed concerns about their marriage. However, he dismissed such warnings, stating, “Why not? They’re the only people who understand this insanity.

And she does. If I’m on location, and I don’t call her until 2 o’clock in the morning, no big deal. She knows.”

Both working in the entertainment industry, they shared a unique understanding of each other’s challenges and could offer support and advice when needed.

Their mutual admiration and support extended to celebrating each other’s successes, with Burke enthusiastically cheering on McRaney when he won a Primetime Emmy award for his performance in “This Is Us.”

McRaney values Burke’s opinion above all others when it comes to his acting career, recognizing her honesty in critiquing his performances.

Their marriage faced a significant test in 1998 when Burke dealt with personal challenges, including family health issues, conflicts in her acting career, and health struggles leading to a diabetes diagnosis.

Despite these challenges, McRaney stood by her side, ensuring she took her medication and providing unwavering support. Burke, now managing her health, acknowledges McRaney’s love and care, stating, “He loved me when I got as big as a house… He has loved me through my up times and my down times.”

The couple, active and health-conscious, has weathered storms together. While Burke has no plans to return to acting, McRaney, not intending to retire, looks forward to their future in central Florida.

Although they don’t have children together, they’ve spent their lives raising McRaney’s three kids from a previous marriage.