Meryl Streep, one of Hollywood’s most renowned and acclaimed actresses, did not feel she was good enough to be an actor.

Aside from the negative voice in her head telling her she wasn’t attractive enough to make it in Hollywood, Streep has always had a profound love for acting and was prepared to go to any length to make it her full-time job.

Streep struggled to find money for food and housing when she arrived to London at the age of 20. She couldn’t manage to stay in a hotel once and had to sleep under a tree in Green Park.

As she lay there, she was taken with the sight from the London Ritz, and Streep vowed she would spend the night there, which she did.

The actress appeared in several plays and assumed that was where her profession would progress since she thought she was “too unattractive” to be an actress.

After all, she felt spectacles were trendy at the time, which is hilarious given that her iconic and stylish figure in “The Devil Wears Prada” was beautifully equipped with several styles of glasses. The actress apparently donated the majority of the movie’s clothing, but she retained all of the fancy glasses.

But little did the actress realize that the world was her oyster and that she would become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid stars, earning more than $160 million.

In 2020, she was crowned the highest-paid actress. HBO paid $33 million for her show “Let Them All Talk,” and Streep allegedly paid him $5 million.

Yet, the actress is said to have been paid more. She was estimated to have earned $24 million in 2020, making her one of Hollywood’s highest earners.

Despite her enormous success and high status in Hollywood, Meryl Streep has not forgotten her modest roots and remains fiercely independent. Even at the height of her celebrity, she was seen on a train in New York in 1981.

Streep has stated that the secret to her remarkable acting is her interest for individuals, and whenever she is assigned a job, she gives it her best to fully embrace it.

Her ability, as well as her awards, speak for themselves. Streep is the most nominated actress for the Oscar, with three wins and 20 nominations.

Streep is a terrific actor who is also said to be an excellent cook. Margo Martindale, one of her co-stars, gushed over her lamb chops, saying they were better than anything she’d ever tasted.

Martindale also advised anybody fortunate enough to have dinner at Streep’s home to request her salads, as she cooks some of the best in town.

Nevertheless, Streep has a huge family, and per Martindale, one of her greatest delights is cooking breakfast for roughly 12 individuals every day.

Aside from her exceptional cooking abilities, Streep is also self-sufficient when it comes to housework. At 73, the actress is content to straighten her clothing and handle her monthly grocery shopping.

Her personal life is basic, as is the key of her gorgeous smooth skin, despite her exposure to all the splendor of Hollywood. The actress has one of the most young looks, with little blemishes; the trick is keeping her hands away from her face.

She enjoys donating money to many causes as an actress who has received some of the largest paychecks. In 2012, Streep and her husband, Don Gummer, founded the Mountain Foundation for the Arts.

The organization helps persons in the education, health care, creative arts, and human service sectors. According to reports, no one in the group is paid, and Streep has contributed millions and assisted countless individuals over the years.

A devastating ammonium explosion happened in Lebanon’s Port of Beruit in 2020, killing hundreds and injuring thousands. Streep gave $25,000 to victims as well as a non-governmental organization.

Streep was so keen to produce “Iron Lady” that she took a $1 million pay reduction; nonetheless, she gave the remainder of her income to the Women’s History Museum.

The actress is so committed to preserving the arts that she gave another $1 million to Joseph Papp, the creator of New York Public Theatre.

The Time Up Movement was also one of the most popular in Hollywood, with many celebrities contributing to it, notably Meryl Streep, who donated $500,000.