Director Mike Burns is talking about seeing Bruce Willis mental deterioration. He exposed that he had to do a huge task of reducing Bruce’s dialogue by five pages on one flick. Besides Mike, further two dozen people spoke about Bruce, sharing stories from movie sets that varies from slightly worrying to very upsetting.

Mike said that he did know about Bruce’s illness but didn’t recognize the magnitude of it. He was requested to work with Bruce for one more time and decided only since he thought the actor had improved. Mike explained that he could see it personally after the first day of functioning with him and he understood that there was a greater issue and why he had been asked to cut his dialogues.

Mike was even asked to take all of the roughly 25 pages of Bruce’s lines and to work it into one full day of shooting. But while working on the second film, Mike realised that the actor has not improved at all but he was worse instead. He commended Bruce’s choice to step back from his profession and thankful that he is taking rest.

It is said that spaces were made into the agreements that Bruce sign up for new work and his agreements specified that he could work only eight hours a day but he frequently left sets much earlier.

Jesse V. Johnson, who directed one of these short budget flicks, also said that he found Bruce’s illness worrying.

Somebody else who functioned on set, presented additional information. He said that the concern is more about how to make the actor look good on camera. He further said that Bruce was just being controlled by others and at times, somebody would give him a dialogue and he didn’t know what it meant.

Actress Lala Kent also publicized that Bruce fired a gun having a blank at the incorrect time on set that could have caused damage. As Kent explained the site, Bruce was supposed to deliver a dialogue that would signal her to bend before he fired the gun but he fail to recall the dialogue but fired the gun anyway.

Terri Martin, production manager who functioned on the set of White Elephant, upholds that regardless of it all, Bruce kept a progressive spirit. Martin said that Bruce continuously tried his best and he is one of the all-time greats and Martin has the highest respect for his work, but he consider that it was time for Bruce to give up work.