The anticipation and excitement of being pregnant can be overwhelming, and so many emotions flood over expectant moms, one of which can be worrying as we all want a healthy baby.

Cheyenne Potts felt like her happy world was crumbling around her when she was told there was something wrong with her unborn son.

Cheyenne and her husband Michael were told their son was “broken and breaking” and if he didn’t die during pregnancy he certainly would shortly after birth and it was kinder to terminate, according to Love What Matters.

But the couple decided to keep their baby boy and nine months later he is defying all the odds and showing what a fighter he is.

“Our little man, Leo, has a disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta… brittle bone disease,” explained Leo’s grandmother for Love What Matters.

At first, the heartbroken couple took the doctor’s advice and started to plan for his funeral but then they decided to get what they could and plan as if the doctors were wrong.

Doctors told the couple that their son, who they called Leo, would not live beyond a week of birth.

”But then we decided to do our best to plan as though the doctors were wrong. Talk amongst ourselves about what life with Leo might be like. We spent the next 4 months in this manner”, Leo’s grandma said.

During Christmas, two weeks before Leo was born, they made sure they got lots of pictures thinking this was the last Christmas they would have with their son.

“… [A]t this time the doctors still all agree Leo would not live beyond a week, and that week would be one of pain,” wrote Leo’s grandmother.

Leo was born in January 2019 weighing five pounds, 11 ounces, and alive.

That day, the brave little boy started to show the world what a brave fighter he was.

“Crying, alive, and doing it on his own! The doctors were wrong,” wrote his grandmother. “Was he perfect? No, he was perfectly imperfect, and he was HERE. Alive, and a fighter. That day, Leo began to show the world that he would write his own book.

“Today, 6 months later, Leo is still holding the pen….”

Leo was put in Stallman NICU for 6 days and then he was transferred to the Children’s NICU for 8 days.

His family had many scary moments while Leo was given medical treatment. But he overcame each and every one of the challenges he faced.

Doctors told Leo’s parents that he would likely stay in intensive care for three to six months but 38 days after his birth he was home with his loving family.

“We were asked about moments that stand out to us, and to be honest, I can’t think of just a few things that stand out,” wrote his grandmother. “He is an amazingly happy spirit and we see him touch and inspire people everywhere he goes. His family, most of all.”

There are plenty of risks and the family experiences intense highs and lows. Leo has had a lot of ups and downs in the past year, but his mom and dad are grateful for every second they have with their precious son who continues to defy all the odds.

Can you believe how happy and beautiful this boy is after what doctors told his parents?

They are the perfect example of trusting your instincts, a mother really does know best.

God bless this little boy. Praying for him and his family❤️ Please share to wish this family all the health and happiness.