Amanda Riggan is a FedEx driver. And one day, while on her route, she felt something of a calling. It was a pretty powerful nudge, and she wanted to act on it.

She handed a woman some packages because she was out checking her mailbox. When Amanda walked with her a few steps back toward her home, she asked the woman if she had had a good holiday. And the woman started to cry. And as she told Amanda her story, Amanda KNEW she was right where she was supposed to be.

Facebook/Amanda Riggan

She told Amanda that her husband had cancer, and was very sick. Amanda talked to her about it for a few minutes more and then had to get back on the road again. But for the rest of the day, she just could not get it out of her mind. After making about 20 more stops, Amanda returned to that woman’s home, even though she was not done with her route. She just felt compelled to get back to the woman as soon as possible.

When the woman answered her door and smiled, Amanda asked one simple thing of her: “Ma’am, can I pray with you?” And with that, the woman just broke down, and a few moments later, they were praying together.

Amanda later posted online about the incident… not at all to brag that she did such a thing. But, instead, to encourage others to reach out to those who are struggling. It’s amazing what a difference a small gesture can make in someone’s life.