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The birth of a child is the most important thing in the world in the life of any person. It is no coincidence that even Prince Harry and his wife experienced great joy on their daughter’s birthday. As Prince Hari tells, they had unforgettable feelings that day. “I’ll never forget that day when Megan and I were eating burgers, dancing, and feeling really happy.”, tell Harry.

Harry added: “How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension. But we’re both absolutely thrilled. We’re both absolutely thrilled and so grateful for all the love and support from everybody out there. It’s been amazing, so we just wanted to share this with everybody.”

Megan and Harry speaking about their child's birth

And speaking about childbirth, we want you to read these 10 things you will only know after having a baby

You won’t understand until you see it. Becoming a mother is a phenomenon that you will never be able to understand until you become a mother yourself. After nine months of waiting, it looks like it’s over. But childbirth, it turns out, is just the beginning. The beginning of sleepless nights, worries, and endless joy. Ten things you learn only after becoming a mother. Of course, those 10 points are relative, change every hour and day, increase and decrease.

Child birth

Pain can be endured when your child is coming

You can put aside all the ideas and conversations about pain if you haven’t given birth yet. What women who gave birth saw and felt can be told forever, but never imagined. Just as men serve for two years and talk about it for a whole life, so we can talk about our pregnancy and childbirth every day. there will never be a lack of details, to forget the pains of both, even more so.

It is possible not to sleep when you have a child

Never mind that I might not sleep for a few nights or sleep half-sitting with a baby in my arms. But anything is possible. Even after several days of not sleeping, you can hear the sounds of the baby, even a whisper, in the morning you are fresher than ever. And the bold statements made before the birth of the child, that my child will never sleep next to me, are forgotten without notice. Sleeping with a child is not only convenient because you don’t have to get up every minute, feed, or relax, but it is also very pleasant.

You can live with an agenda

Eat irregularly, wake up only when there is a need for it, in short, you want to live like a genius. Forget about an irregular life if you are planning to have a baby. Children sleep, cry, eat irregularly only at first glance. They like a clear agenda. And a few months after birth, going out for a walk even half an hour late can cost a whole sleepless night.


If you have participated even in “Formula-1” until now, you don’t know anything about speed. It is simply not possible to become agile if you have to change his clothes, and diaper and feed him under the non-stop crying of the baby. And to leave the house, it will take only 3 minutes to get dressed, put on makeup, dress the baby, and grab a big bag for his food and clothes.


If you haven’t played sports, you’ve never lifted weights, you won’t even imagine that it’s possible to move with a child in a car stroller, a stroller, or a big and heavy baby bag. Believe me, it is possible.

Baby stuff is more than yours

To leave the house even for an hour, you need to pack a whole suitcase of baby care items and clothes. And, most importantly, never forget the baby’s bottle or, more importantly, the pacifier.

The most important thing in this world

I know that everyone told you that life will change with the birth of a child, that it is a miracle, and that it is the meaning of life. I know that you believed those words, but believe me, never, in any case, through any book or movie, it is not possible to imagine what the child will give you. Your life will be divided into 2 unequal parts: before and after the birth of the child.

One smile

One smile and you will forget everything in the world. Just one look and a hint of joy and you will become the most sentimental being in the world. Even sleepless months will be forgotten if in the morning your child shows that he really knows who you are.


Even if egoism and mothering are unrelated things, I believe, the reality is different. If you have a child, and especially if it is a newborn, you turn into a lioness driven by animal instincts, ready to eliminate anyone who comes near the child. After all, we have a child just for ourselves.

The most important occupation

After the birth of the child, the baby replaces the entertainment and the most interesting places. It is unbearable where he is not. And even a few hours and minutes of work or pleasant entertainment can take an eternity until you reach your baby.

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