A lot of times, when tragic accidents occur, and victims are affected, the prognosis is often bleak. This particular accident also left a little girl in a coma, but now a miracle seems to have happened.

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10-year-old Rielynn Martin was in a boat crash on May 25. The accident involved two boats colliding on Memorial Day. Her father Chad Martin explained, “We went out to the lake for Memorial (Day) Weekend [and] we go to the lake a lot. My kids love the outdoors.”

When the boats collided, little Rielynn flew off the boat and hit the propeller of the other boat. The little girl was rushed to the hospital. Martin said, “It crushed her skull, it is embedded in her brain. So, she had actual damaged pieces in her brain. They got that situated and put a plate in there, bolted it [and] fixed the bad part of the skull.”

“I want prayers, prayers are everything. Prayer is what got my daughter to where she’s at now. Medical bills are gonna be tough, I think out of the roof. I got another daughter to support, it’s gonna be tough,” the worried dad said.

After her emergency surgery, the little girl was placed on a ventilator because she was unable to breathe on her own and was effective in a coma. But now, it seems like a miracle has taken place!


On her Facebook page titled “Rally for Rielynn,” there was a happy update! The little girl is reportedly able to breathe on her own, which prompted her family to take her off life support. Her mother wrote an update about her health saying, “She’s awake!! On command! Answering questions and following directions. She recognized all of us. We turned off her vent so she’s also breathing on her own. I took off her sock and told her to wiggle her toes and she did… daddy asked if she wanted her sock back on and she shook her head yes!! That girl and her dogs.”

This is a big relief for her family and everyone who has been praying for the little girl. After the accident, the family set up a GoFundMe page for their little girl’s medical expenses.

Even though she is awake now, there is a long road to recovery ahead for her. We wish her the best in her journey.

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