Every parent wants to ensure the safety of their child. A carefree child’s life is very important for every parent.
For Ben Sowards, a family man and father living in Utah, United States, also proved the truth of these words. When his phone rang one day, he looked at the screen and saw an incoming call from school. They told him that he had to go to school to pick up his 6-year-old daughter.

Ben heard that his little daughter had had an “accident” in the bathroom, so he immediately took action.

The story of Ben and his daughter took place in 2017, but has become popular in recent years.It’s a story that reminds people how even a small gesture can make a big difference.The story is taken from the Huffington Post newspaper

6-year-old Valerie had an “accident” at school and her father, puzzled by this, came to school to take her home.But Ben didn’t want to leave it like that, and he did such an act to switch attention to him.

But his wonderful act was appreciated not only by the whole school, but also by a lot of people.

Ben got into his car and drove to school to pick up Valerie. But before he did, he took a bottle of water and poured it on his pants.

“To be honest, I knew she was terrified, but I thought if I could make her laugh, then everything would be fine,” Ben said.

As soon as he parked at the school, he headed to the principal’s office, where his daughter was waiting for him. When he got there, his first question surprised her. He leaned over to her and asked in a whisper if she could give him her backpack so that he could hide the shameful accident that had happened to him.