We’d all like to think that when it comes time to play the hero, we would step up and do our part to help.

But the reality is that there’s no way of knowing how we’ll respond to a situation until we’re actually in it.

Sometimes people freeze.
Far from shameful, it’s actually a rather common reponse to have in a shocking situation.

That’s what makes it so extra special when someone can reach past that state of being to act on behalf of others.

This gas attendant stopped a kidnapping.
He wasn’t sure if his interference would endanger his own life or make things worse, but he couldn’t just stand by and let it happen right in front of him.

Manveer Komer is a 25-year-old who works late nights at his local gas station in Philadelphia.

He sees a lot of strange things, but when a man and a woman walked into his store one night, he knew something wasn’t right.

The woman was shaking.
When Manveer saw the man using her credit card to buy cigarettes, he realized this woman was not with the man by choice.

Manveer decided to intervene.
When the man attempted to leave with the woman, Manveer acted to protect her.

He let the man know that he was aware that something was wrong.

He told the woman: “You come [stand] behind my back. I’ll help you. No problem.”

By doing this, he let the woman know that he was going to help protect her.

He had no idea what was going on or what the relationship was between them, but he could tell by how they both acted that he had done the right thing.

He offered her a life-line.

Manveer even told the man to give her back her car keys and her card, but the man refused.

For a few minutes, Manveer thought the man may attack him, but instead, he fled in the woman’s car.

The car just so happened to have her cell phone inside, so the police were able to track it and find the man a short time after Manveer called them.

The man had kidnapped the woman.
She is a doctor, and he had carjacked her earlier in the day.

He was taking her around to various ATMs and stores, trying to get her to take out as much money as possible.

The woman was terrified, and who knows what the man had planned for her after she had taken out all her money or had reached her withdrawal limits.

The woman was clearly so terrified that she didn’t even want to tell anyone she needed help. It’s likely the man threatened her.

Manveer’s quick thinking and bravery likely saved this woman’s life.

The security footage shows Manveer’s bravery.
Even after the man had left, he helped the woman call the police and offered her a bottle of water. She was visibly shaken and struggling to even dial.

It’s hard to tell what the outcome would have been if Manveer hadn’t been there to help the woman or if he would have been too scared to act when he sensed something wasn’t right.

This story is a good reminder to always be aware of what’s going on around you and to watch out for others.

But if actually “stepping in” isn’t a good idea – calling the cops could help save a stranger’s life.

Manveer’s observational skills saved the day.

See a gas station worker courageously step in to save a stranger in the video below!