There is a rumor that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are going to have their first child together. If this is true, this would be Gwen’s fourth child.

Blake recently told a source that he is close with Gwen’s three sons, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma, and that he has a new sense of how important he is in their lives. Now, a source says that he is about to do it all over again, this time with his own child.

The source also says that Gwen tried to get pregnant through IVF for a few months but stopped and got pregnant naturally.

They were reportedly trying to get pregnant through IVF before their wedding in 2020, and Gwen put herself under so much pressure that it started to affect Blake. They decided to focus on the children they already had, but in 2022, they went to a doctor who helped Gwen get pregnant.

The source says that Gwen has been meditating, trying to be calmer, and getting acupuncture. All of these things have helped her, the source says. She is 53 years old and is reportedly carrying her fourth child.

Some fans think that Gwen showed off her baby bump for the first time at the NYWICI Matrix Awards in October 2022. This is talked about in the video below.