When a couple took their lovely little girl to the babysitter, they were utterly oblivious to what the next few hours would bring. After some time, they received a call no parent would want to get — their baby girl had been found unresponsive in the pool.

A parent’s love for their children is unconditional, selfless, and never-ending. Kids always know they can seek refuge in their parent’s loving embrace, whether rain or sunshine. Children feel safe, loved, and cherished around their moms and dads.

No parent can bear the thought of something happening to their little ones and wouldn’t hesitate to put their own life on the line to protect them. But imagine the agony of a couple whose world came crashing down when an unlikely incident ambushed their lives.

Kyle and Courtney Emerson were a happily married couple from Williamsburg, Virginia. They were parents to two lovely daughters, Mia and Remi.

But after some time, the parents said they learned something that turned their world topsy-turvy — something no parent would ever want to hear.

The couple loved their family with all their hearts and souls and considered themselves fortunate for their two blessings. They expressed:

“Everyone who knows us, knows that our girls are constantly doted over and showered with love.”

The Emersons welcomed their youngest daughter, Remi Skye Emerson, in May 2021, promoting Ria to the position of a proud older sister. Per Kyle and Courtney, everything about their baby girl was perfect, from her beautiful curls to her adorable little nose and tiny toes.

Courtney and Kyle noted that their little princess had an infectious smile and had just begun to shine when an unspeakable incident changed their lives most unexpectedly. But what exactly happened that ruined the seemingly picture-perfect life of the Emersons?

It was a regular Monday for the couple when they dropped off their baby girl at the babysitter’s place. But after some time, the parents said they learned something that turned their world topsy-turvy — something no parent would ever want to hear.

Much to their dismay, Kyle and Courtney discovered their daughter had somehow crawled through the door and gone beyond a pool fence that had the gate open. Little Remi was reportedly found unresponsive in the pool and had been without air for quite some time.

After almost 31 minutes, the Emersons said their baby girl was brought back to life thanks to the resuscitation efforts of first responders. She was then airlifted to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia.

Per a Facebook post from Remi’s father, the heartbreaking incident occurred on September 26, 2022. Parents Courtney and Kyle said that their little girl was put into a medically-induced coma to allow her to heal. Kyle further stated:

“As a family, we are firm believers in the power of prayer and positivity. To this end we ask that you all join us in surrounding Remi in prayer and love. Please feel encouraged to add Remi to any and all prayer chains.”

Jeffrey Darvell created a crowdfunding page for the Emersons to help cover little Remi’s medical expenses and ultimately contribute toward her at-home care.

As of October 6, over $22,000 of the $50,000 goal has been generated through the online fundraiser, and more donations continue to pour in. Darvell requested people to donate to the GoFundMe account and said:

“We call on you to provide your prayers and miracles for Remi to make a full recovery. Your love and willingness to help them has not only made them maneuver through this, but has given them hope.”

Kyle and Courtney have set up a Caring Bridge site for their daughter, where they share updates on their sweet girl’s health. The Emersons wrote:

“Due to the duration of time that Remi’s brain was without oxygen, we find ourselves in the greatest battle of our lives. We are currently in a holding pattern as the swelling in Remi’s brain subsides.”

According to a recent update posted on October 4, Courtney shared that her family celebrated “lots of tiny victories,” but her daughter’s condition is still very critical. She further expressed:

“We are sharing all of the positivity because it’s important that we do. We are genuinely encouraged by Remi’s fight and the power of y’all’s prayer. Continue to lift Remi up with your collective strength (sic).”