Goldie Hawn has lived virtually her entire life in the spotlight. Having started out as a dancer, she went on to become an actress. Then, following her appearance on Good Morning, World in the 1960s, Hawn reached new levels of fame.

The award-winning performer has given the world many memorable moments throughout her life. Still to this day, she does her bit to help others through charities.

But the life of a superstar might sometimes not be what it looks like from the outside. In fact, Goldie Hawn had a very tough period just as her career was taking off, at age 21. Now, she’s finally spoken out on her depression – and how it could’ve broken her in two.

Goldie Hawn was destined to work as an entertainer right from the very start. The Academy Award-winning actress started her journey towards a life in the industry at age 3, and now, at 75, she can look back at a life filled with laughs, great performances in films, and a long and healthy relationship with the love of her life, Kurt Russell.

Being a celebrity is oftentimes seen as a very fun profession. You get to do all these cool films and stunts, and make a great amount of money while doing it. You also get to attend no end of glamorous events and award ceremonies, as well as being recognized wherever you go.

But being a celebrity also entails putting a great deal of pressure on yourself. People assume that you are always the happy and ‘perfect’ person they see on screen. Realistically speaking, we all have bad days.

The pressure of performing and always being available for fans and press can take its toll on anyone, and for Hawn, this was the case.

Mental health problems have become an increasingly significant issue in Hollywood. These days, people are speaking out on it because of the stigma it previously had.

Now, Goldie Hawn’s decided to talk openly about the subject as well. When her career took off at the age of 21, one would have assumed she was the happiest person in the world.

But in truth, she struggled with depression – and didn’t even go out in public.

Goldie Hawn was born November 21, 1945, in Washington DC. She was raised in Takoma Park, Maryland by her mother Laura Hawn and father Rut.

By age 3, Goldie started her journey towards a career in entertainment. Her mother had a dance school, and Hawn started taking ballet and tap dancing lessons. At the age of 10, she performed in the Ballett Russe de Monte Carlo production of The Nutcracker – 19 years later, she actually ran and instructed at a ballet school herself.

By this point, Goldie had dropped out of college, where she majored in drama. She started working as a professional dancer, but before long, her career would make a turn towards the big screen.

In 1968, Hawn made her feature film debut as a dancer in the Disney film The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band. This is also where she met her future partner Kurt Russell for the first time. There’s was to be a love story like no other.

The year before, Hawn had gotten her big television break via the lead role in the sitcom Good Morning, World. She became famous overnight, and that opened up paths towards Hollywood stardom.

But at the same time as Goldie Hawn was becoming a big television – and future movie – star, she was also battling her inner demons. This led her to a very dark place, and she even fell into depression.

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