Are you familiar with the Christian parable of the Good Samaritan? But, how many times have you had the opportunity to witness it happen in real life?

Maybe not as many as we would have liked, but when it does happen, it makes us believe in the goodness that we all have inside. It does feel good to do something generous and nice for someone else apart from ourselves once in a while, doesn’t it?

Meet Kim and her son Gabe, they live in a community in Nebraska and they don’t have their own car. According to state law, their house is too close to the school, so they don’t have the right for Gabe to take the school bus. So, what do they do?

Every day, Kim and Gabe walk all the way to the school, making a nearly 45-minute trek! In order to arrive at the school on time, they have to wake up and leave their house quite early.

The mother explained to the KMTV 3 News that as long as the weather was nice, their walk to school was long but uneventful. Now, she’s worried that with the season changing and the weather turning colder, they wouldn’t be able to make the trip to school.
According to the reporter Deborah Tuff, “State law mandates buses can’t pick up students who live less than four miles from a school”.

Kim explained that she contacted different services, including the school, but they couldn’t find any solution to this problem. Kim who is a single mother and a part-time student, cannot afford a car, so her only option is to walk Gabe to school. The double trip to school and back takes four hours out of her day.

Kim isn’t the only one being tired from all this ordeal, Gabe also voiced his feelings to the News, “I’m kinda tired. I’m really tired when I get back”, which is hardly surprising as they have to make this trip five days a week!

Thanks to the News report, a solution was found. A Good Samaritan, also known as Becky Novotny, who happened to watch the news on that day, was driving her car down the road when she noticed Kim and Gabe walking.

She stopped by the side of the road and asked them if they were the ones on the News report. Kim answered positively and Becky offered them a ride to school. By the end of their trip, Becky offered to bring Gabe to school daily and then pick him up.

As she said on the News, “I’m a stay home mom. I’ve got three kids of my own that if I was in the situation I think I’d want somebody there to help me”. Such a simple yet great act of kindness from this beautiful and generous young woman!

Becky’s offer brought an end to Kim’s daily trips to school and a big relief to her family. “I had nowhere else to turn. Like I said, I tried with the schools, I tried with administration, I tried particularly with the school itself and nothing was happening so I greatly appreciate your guys’ help”, Kim told on the News.

Hopefully, this story will make a great example and more people will feel inspired to help their fellow citizens in need. You never know how life will turn out and when you will need a helping hand!