If you love watching TikTok clips, chances are, you’ve seen Chris Punsalan’s videos.

This young man has 1.9M followers, and if you ask about his content, it’s not the usual funny clips, food vlogs, or fun dances.

Chris’ clips are all about his “Lola”.
They’re about his beautiful, adorable, and sweet grandmother and what they do every day.

Aside from being a musician and content producer, this 29-year-old man from Henderson, Nevada, is also the full-time caretaker of his grandmother.

Chris had always aspired to be a well-known YouTuber. He experimented with different content and style, but he was unaware that what made him successful was someone close to his heart.

This young lad and his family were from Tarlac, a province in the Philippines. They later moved to the United States.

With them came his Lola.

His grandmother used to be an elementary school teacher in the Philippines and had been for more than two decades.

Chris and his grandmother are speaking the “Kapampangan” dialect in their TikTok videos.

According to Chris, it was the year 2015 when his grandma was 88 years old, and their family had a tough time deciding if they were going to hire a full-time caregiver, or would bring “Lola” into the home for the aged.

Chris knew where he stood.
See how Chris goes the extra mile to keep his Lola by his side in the video below!
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