Peaches, Challah and Mitzi have a great life. They have lots of space to run and play, a dad who loves them endlessly — and a special dog living room all their own that’s fancier than most regular living rooms.

Ben Mazer didn’t love leaving his adorable gang of dogs out in the house alone whenever he was at work. He was worried they might accidentally hurt themselves or get into something they shouldn’t, so he decided to turn his spare bedroom into their very own living room where, they could hang out whenever he was going to be gone for a while.

“I wanted to create a space where they would be comfortable staying while I’m away,” Mazer told The Dodo.

At first, the plans for the living room were simple. Some mini couches, some artwork, a few plants. Extra in a tame way. As the room took shape, though, Mazer found himself wanting to add more and more — and pretty soon he’d gotten totally carried away in the best way possible.

Now, the room has a fish tank, a television, a fireplace, books, shelves, a chandelier, end tables, throw pillows — all in miniature for the comfort of Mazer’s three tiny dogs.

There was never really a big reveal where Mazer presented the room to Peaches, Challah and Mitzi. They saw it all come together and have watched it grow over time and absolutely love each new installment. They’re more than happy to spend time in there while Dad is at work — and even while he’s home, too.

Recently, Mazer has decorated the room for the holidays, and it’s completely decked out. The room is constantly changing in little ways and has become a constant labor of love for him — and the dogs don’t mind one bit.

“I think they like that I spend time in the room as well,” Mazer said.