An Indiana father who suffered injuries while saving 5 kids from a blazing house is being regarded as a hero. Pizza delivery man Nicholas Bostic, 25, of Lafayette saw blazing flames emerging from a residence while passing by it at approximately midnight. He didn’t waste any time in entering the house through the rear door and screaming, waking up the four upstairs sleeping kids, who ranged in age from 1 to 18.

Bostic then assisted them in leaving, only to discover that there could still be a 6-year-old inside. He returned to the bedroom upstairs “without reluctance,” according to a press statement from the Lafayette Police Department (LPD). When he couldn’t locate anyone there after some time, he started hunting for an escape. At that moment, he heard screaming coming from the basement.

Bostic ran down to look, covering his mouth and nose with his shirt, and luckily found the kid before it was too late. He retrieved the child, but the thick coating of smoke prevented him from seeing the door afterward. He made it back upstairs, pounded a window open, and then jumped out, making sure the kid was secure on the landing. Fortunately, the youngster was “miraculously mostly unharmed.”

According to the press statement, Bostic sliced his arm while jumping out of the home’s second-story window and experienced serious smoke inhalation. Bostic is seen bringing the youngster from around the side of the home and delivering them to emergency personnel in bodycam footage that the police agency provided. It’s seen that medical personnel attend to his wounds.

“Is the baby alright? Please let me know the kid is alright “As cops reassure him that the infant is doing well, the worried dad inquires. One of the doctors remarked, “You did excellent, man.” After receiving treatment, Bostic was subsequently transferred to a hospital in Indianapolis and released a few days later. His girlfriend Kara Lewis shared a Facebook picture of Bostic grinning and commented that they’re heading home!!”

The LPD stated that the selfless deeds of Nicholas Bostic saved lives. His selflessness during this tragedy is admirable, and he has won the admiration of many with his bravery, persistence, and unwavering composure in the face of such grave danger. The Lafayette Police Department and Honorable Mayor Tony Roswarski would like to formally thank Nicholas for his intervention and express their gratitude to him.

When the Lafayette Aviators host National Night Out on August 2, the police department intends to recognize Bostic for his valiant deeds. Fundraising initiatives have been started on Facebook and GoFundMe to aid with Bostic’s medical costs.