High kick routines are one of the most interesting things to watch. Dancers move in sync with impressive moves and high kicks that always leave crowds and audiences cheering for more. This high school dance team from Carroll High School in Texas, known as the Emerald Belles, did just that in the Showmakers of American Dance Competition of 2018.

The Emerald Belles begin standing, but suddenly they’re all laying on the floor except for the one young woman in the middle. The creepy music behind begins and the woman in the middle starts to lift her leg up in the air as the dancers get up starting from the back like a wave, but soon they’re all on the floor with only one left standing in the middle once again.

Then, they all start to dance. From high kicks on the gym floor to hip-hop moves and elaborate turns, the girls kick some butt, to put but it bluntly.

Throughout the entire performance, they’re so in sync that you don’t want to look away for fear that you’ll miss something. None of the talented performers miss a beat. Their steps are perfectly timed, and no one ever seems to lose their way despite the 75 to 80 teenagers performing.

The amazing performance only makes you realize that these girls put in their everything and worked long, hard hours to get everything perfect.

They continue with the dance, creating circles and lines, and at some point, they all slip down to the floor into the splits (in sync) — bringing more loud claps and even louder cheers from the audience.

It comes to an end as they form a triangle, and they all pose accordingly, earning themselves roaring applause and cheers from the audience.

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If you would like to see the dance for yourself, watch the video down below!