I have just got married and always dreamed of living alone. My parents lived with my grandparents and I always saw how my grandmother intervened in my mother’s affairs.

So we are living with my husband’s parents.

My husband and I were working and everything seemed to be perfect.

We went to work in the morning, and my mother-in-law did the housework. Last day I finished my work early and reached home an hour earlier. I went inside and saw that my mother-in-law was in my room and the drawers were open. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it turned out that after cleaning the house, my mother-in-law decided to air my room and started cleaning and tidying my room.

At first I felt very bad, but my mother-in-law felt upset and told me, my daughter, you are at work all day, why do you think about the housework, now I am at home and I will do it and you can go just have a rest.
I was amazed and now I understand that having a good mother-in-law is a true happiness.