I generally thought keeping up with great and warm relations with my neighbors was important. At the point when my mother didn’t invite them and stayed away from their visits all around, I contemplated whether it was conceivable. What’s more, on the off chance that something occurs?

Be that as it may, two episodes immediately weaned me off the “goat in the nursery.

The first was with a neighbor, a quite wonderful woman.

She was exceptionally near the street assuming you stroll through our part, so we even showed her the key on the off chance that we weren’t home. Also, for quite a while all was great. She continued respecting our vegetable nursery, applauding it, and a caring word to the feline is great. And afterward we saw how she goes with a comparative with dig a couple of assortments of strawberries. Asked as of now, however I said no. I sell strawberries, and I don’t benefit in the event that another person offers similar assortments at the nearby market. In any case, here grandmother chose, I’m not home, and I emerge to meet, hi! So they uncovered shrubberies would rather not give more! Then, at that point, they actually figured out how to get in, yet that is another story. Furthermore, in the event that I didn’t give them access – they wouldn’t know what I have where it develops.

Another grandmother was one of the individuals who spend the colder time of year in the city, in centers torturing specialists, groaning and moaning, yet they, at the end of the day, can furrow. Summer in nature gives them wellbeing, the main difficulty is that they are exhausted. At the point when we come here, they rush immediately to talk, to hear the most recent tattle. This elderly person was so irritating, you can push her out and she goes into the nursery like honey on her hand.

I enjoyed eggplants: they were at that point proving to be fruitful without limit. In any case, at her grandmother’s, they were simply sprouting. She requested that her grandmother attempt one and she just couldn’t get it out: we made them shrivel, yet bugs ate them. They never developed after that: dry, moist, spoiled, and diseased. In any case, my grandmother exchanges at the market!

In all honesty, however I proposition to visit myself. What’s more, you know, likewise not welcomed! We convey over the fence and stop.