I’m a grown-up girl, I’m 27 years old. I am an established person, I have a good job, but in my personal life I feel lonely because I don’t have a boyfriend.

Recently, I was invited to the wedding of one of our friends. I prepared well for that day.

When we were already in the restaurant, I noticed a very cute boy among the guests.

I immediately liked him, but there were no signs of attention from him. He was hanging out with the boys around him.

After the wedding I thought about him all the time. I got interested in him and found him on social media. For the first time in my life, I texted a guy I didn’t know to get to know him.

Maybe I made the wrong move and shouldn’t have texted him. Maybe, but there is another side to the coin. We’ve been in a relationship for 3 months and we’re planning to get engaged this winter. You never know when you will find your happiness.